Beauty devices are the latest at-home skincare gadgets that promise to transform
your skincare routine and give you results akin to in-clinic treatments. From LED face

masks to microcurrent and light therapy devices, and innovative makeup tools to at-
home hair removal face beauty, the industry’s newest innovations are all designed to help you

get smarter, more efficacious skin and achieve professional-level results at home.

15 skincare devices worth investing in - Her World Singapore
As the world of beauty takes cues from medicine and science, an entire new
generation of entrepreneurs has harnessed advancements in technology to create
devices that can deliver visible and tangible benefits to your complexion. From a
moisture meter to a high-frequency facial wand, these gadgets and gizmos are
designed to upgrade your routine from the comfort of your own home.
The demand for beauty devices has been fueled by the desire to achieve faster,
more effective results. From beauty giants acquiring high-tech companies to the
push towards personalized cosmetic products, today’s savvy beauty consumers are
looking for more than just effective formulations. They want a complete experience
and connection to their cosmetics that can enhance the results of their smart
These days, you can find a device for almost any beauty concern on the market. If
wrinkles are your main worry, try an at-home laser from LYMA, which uses low-level
light therapy to reduce the appearance of fine lines. If breakouts are a major

concern, this high-frequency facial wand from Stacked Skincare sends an argon gas-
filled electrode to the surface of your skin, which generates oxygen that bacteria

can’t survive, so it helps kill the acne-causing P. acnes and shrink pore size.

10 Skin-Care Devices You Can Use at Home
If hydration is more of your issue, this multi-tasking device from LightStim combines
a light-therapy face pad with a deep-puffing vibrator to boost circulation and hydrate
your complexion. It also has different lighting options — red for wrinkles, blue for
acne, and yellow or pink for hyperpigmentation — plus a strobing mode to open
pores and boost hydration so your favourite moisturizer can absorb even better.
The beauty tech industry has never been more diverse, with both traditional beauty
brands and future-gazing start-ups all vying for their slice of the market. While the
biggest players have the resources and marketing power to reach the widest
audience, they’re also often partnering with up-and-coming startups to develop
products that benefit from both their expertise and emerging technology. This is
especially true for at-home skincare devices like this light-activated device from YSL
that allows you to customize your lipstick shade based on the color of your skin. A
beauty app that works with your at-home skincare device will then recommend the
best formula for your unique complexion.

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