"Predator" A
commissioned latex
mask for a local haunt.
We made this baby for
an independant film in
early 2002. Because of
time and budget
restrictions, it was cast
hallow in latex and
animated using the
mechanisms from a
child's toy. (2002)
This severed
female head was
sculpted for
Galore. (2003)
"The Scarecrow of
Romney Marsh"
private collector
commissioned this
latex mask. (2002)
Originally designed
for an independant
film, this alien has
become known
around here as "
. (2003)
Yet another in
(hopefully) a long line
of collaborative
projects with
Galore! (2004)
A latex/polyfoam
severed head
developed from an
actual cast of an actor. It
was used in
Hill Productions' "Dead
. (2004)
These two latex/polyfoam headpieces were
commissioned for a tribute film based on the
new "
Star Wars" films. (2004)
Ivan Ooze
Based on the villianous
character in, "
Power Rangers
. Also
commissioned by a
private collector. (2004)
Tampa Bay
Buccaneers' Logo
This mask was made
for a private
collector...and Bucks
fan. (2004)
Zombie Gunslinger
Commissioned for a
home haunt. This is
latex/polyfoam prop is
one of our favorite
commissions ever
(and, one of our largest
-- measuring approx.
24-inches tall)! Fun
from beginning to end.
Also commissioned by
a private collector.
Arab Masks

These five identicle latex masks were commissioned
by a company in Kuwait, as part of a festival for
children marking the end of Ramadon. (2004)
A gruesome addition to
Gore Galore's lineup of
high-quality props.
We'll also be doing
several other
sculptures for their
2005 lineup. (2004)
These five masks were commissioned to be likenesses of skateboarders. The likenesses didn't need to be
ultra-realistic, but, rather, more akin to novelty store rubber masks. Another fun, and challenging, project!
A dream project! Based on
the character of the same
name from the film,
Legend". A wearable latex
mask with 18-inch rigid
polyfoam horns. (2005)
This full-head mask was
commissioned by Warner
Brothers Records for the
band to use in a live
Zombie Bride & Groom. A commissioned piece for a long-time
customer's wedding.
The Tall Man   Based on
Angus Scrimm's classic
horror villian from the film,
Phantasm. Private
commission. (2006)
he alien spy from the first  
Star Wars" film. Wearable
latex mask, with see-through
plastic eyes. Private
commission. (2006)
The Killer Sandwich. Forget about food poisoning, this thing bites
back! A latex hand-puppet made for an actor at
Knott's Halloween
, used to torment the visitors. (2006)
"What's On A Man's Mind". Without question, this is our most
unique custom mask to date! Sigmund Frued's face consisting of
two identical nude women. Both are wearable latex masks. (2007)
Pregnant Zombie Belly.This latex body appliance was requested
by a woman who wanted to build her Halloween costume around
it.This is definitely our most gruesome commissioned pieces to
date! (2007)
Jason Voorhees. This
full-head mask was
commissioned by a fellow
artist to add to his
Troll 2 This mask is based
on one of the goblins from
the movie, "Troll 2". This
low-budget film has
developed quite a loyal cult
following. (2007
A custom latex mask based
on the alien species
featured in
. (2009)
A latex likeness mask of
Joseph Beuys (2009)
Another very interesting, and
challenging, project. We
created this likeness mask
of a deceased elderley
woman for a client. (2009)
Possessed Girl. One of
several new sculptures for
Gore Galore's catalog of
high-end Halloween props.
Female Life-Cast. A nice
change of pace. We were
commissioned to create this
body cast as a wedding
present from a bride to her
Female Life-Cast. Another
privately commissioned
life-cast. This cast was a
birthday present for the client's
Five Finger Death Punch

The management  of the metal
band, Five Finger Death Punch,
commissioned us to produce
10 custom latex masks of the
band's skull logo. (2010
Preganancy Life-Cast.
The young lady who
commissioned us two years ago
to create a cast of her backside,
returned to have a cast made of
herself 9-months preganant with
her first child. Her husband's left
hand was also incorporated into
the cast.
"We Are French"
Talk about a rewarding and challenging project!
We were commissioned by a French Electronica
group to produce these two latex dog masks for
their live performances.
Unnamed Mask .
We're not sure what to call
this mask, because the
producers of the
independent South
African film never gave it a
name. But it is, without
question, the most unique
interpretation of a
werewolf we've ever seen.
"Dark Carnival Clown"
We produced 10 copies of this custom-made,
foam-filled mask for the "Dark Carnival" haunted
attraction in Rhode Island.
"Dell Alienware Masks"
As part of a presentation in Sydney, Australia, we were commissioned
by a promotional company to produce these five custom latex masks of
the logo.
"Red Hood"
Privately commissioned latex mask
of the character from an animated
Batman film.
Grandpa. A custom mask
based on the prop used in the
"Texas Chainsaw
Massacre Part 3:
The Angry Princess
A life-sized latex/polyfoam
figure based on the
character in the remake of
"13 Ghosts".  (2007)